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Navigating the college prep process with ease

From finding your passion to getting accepted to your dream school


Expert guidance for a smooth college prep journey: Ace the College Essays College application School course load Profile building and get into your dream school.


Profile building and timeline

Stand out from the competition and build a strong college profile with our tailored guidance. Get support for choosing the right co-curriculars, subjects, internships, capstone projects. Stay organized and on track with our unique custom college prep planner.


Plan high school course load

Seek guidance from counselors or teachers for personalized advice and tailor your course load to align with your future aspirations. Balanced selection of core subjects and elective courses that align with your academic and career goals


Strategic college list building

Commence your college research by reflecting on your academic strengths, personal interests, and career aspirations. Create a comprehensive list that balances reach, match, and safety schools, tailoring it to suit your unique preferences and priorities.


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Strategy kit for
Freshmen and Sophomores

1:1 60 min 6 Live sessions

Get 6 live one on one sessions for 1 hour each

Ideal for Freshman and Sophomore (current freshman and rising/current sophomores)

Ideal for Freshman and Sophomore (current freshman and rising/current sophomores)

Plan high school course load

Plan your high school course load strategically, ensuring a balanced and successful academic journey.

Review extracurricular activities

Reviewing extracurricular activities is essential for assessing their impact on a student’s overall development and academic performance. Evaluating participation, leadership roles, and the skills acquired through these activities provides valuable insights into a student’s holistic growth.

Personalized test prep planning

Optimize your success with planning tailored to your unique strengths and weaknesses. Achieve your academic goals efficiently and effectively by customizing your study journey with targeted resources and adaptive strategies

Overview of viable college programs and career pathways

Get a comprehensive overview of viable college programs and career pathways, guiding students towards informed decisions. Our resources equip you with insights into diverse academic options and corresponding career trajectories, empowering you to make confident choices for a successful future.

College research basics

Navigate academia and streamline college research, from selecting credible sources to organizing findings, with our workbooks

Get advice on self initiated projects*, useful summer internships

Get personalized guidance on self-initiated projects and discovering impactful summer internships. Elevate your career journey with expert advice tailored to your aspirations and gain valuable insights to make the most of your summer experiences

Scholarship opportunities

Get a curated list of diverse scholarships, empowering them to pursue their educational dreams. Seamlessly navigate the scholarship landscape and maximize your chances of success with personalized recommendations tailored to your unique qualifications and aspirations.

Strategy kit for Junior Year

1:1 60 min 5 Live sessions

Get 5 live one-on-one sessions, 60 minute each.

Ideal for Juniors (rising/current juniors)

Ideal for Juniors (rising/current juniors)

Resume review

Get a personalized feedback on your resume to enhance your professional profile. Unlock your potential with our comprehensive analysis and tailored suggestions for a standout resume that impresses admissions officers

Assessment of your profile and career goals

Elevate your career with a comprehensive assessment of your high school profile, aligning seamlessly with your career goals. Unlock personalized insights and strategic recommendations to optimize your path to success.

Identifying the highlights and points of interest in profile

Create a compelling student profile by showcasing key highlights that reflect your academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and personal qualities.

Scholarships, internships advice

Updates about potential scholarship programs and internship projects

Ultimate bundle

Research internship/ project

Elevate your academic journey with our dynamic research internship/project, fostering hands-on learning and innovation. Add our research internship service to your kit

SAT Prep

Add our SAT preparation to your bundle. Our comprehensive study program, designed to sharpen your skills and maximize your exam performance. 

Plan college essay

Add our essential college prep plan to your bundle to enrich your profile.

Start your college prep today

Get ahead with onlinechalk from the comfort of your home. Let our experts you reach your dream school.

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Ashwini Devare
Ashwini Devare
Read More
Garima did an amazing job helping my daughter through the college application process. Her essay construction process is amazing and makes sure that the student is putting their best foot forward on all essays. Even with short word requirement essays, she was able to help her put a grand amount of information within them. I am extremely thankful for her guidance through this process! She is a “Great “teacher, very friendly, definitely recommend her for students who are looking for help in their college applications.
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Garima was such a great help during my college essay process. She helped me transform my essays from vague and dull to specific and appealing. She was very thorough and was always available to help. I am so thankful to have had her guidance!
Kavita Suresh
Kavita Suresh
Read More
Yes, I highly recommend online chalk program that they offer. Garima is well talented both in English and Math. My son took one on one SAT program with her and I saw a good improvement. She also guides the student for their profile building.
Pandiyan Kaliaperumal
Pandiyan Kaliaperumal
Read More
Classes are so good; my daughter is taking SAT classes for the past 6 months; she is getting extraordinary attention and required clarifications; she is also receiving good guidance towards college preparations. I feel completely satisfied and got quite good trust with the tutors 👍👍
Vanita Arora
Vanita Arora
Read More
I’ve recently sought assistance from Onlinechalk for help with my daughter’s college admissions, and I can say this without a doubt that Garima is amazing. Her guidance and warmth has helped us get through the challenging process. She very carefully understood our needs and created the perfect college list. She took the bland essays and helped mould them into appealing ones. Along with her professionalism, Garima really took the time to understand my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses making sure that she gets the most benefit. Garima is a great mentor along with being an amazing person. I am so grateful for her guidance! I would highly recommend taking her.

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