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Update: Last date to apply extended April 15 2024
Update: Last date to apply extended April 15 2024

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Critical Thinking

Unlock your true potential and gain the ability to think critically, hone skills in posing insightful questions, dissecting data, and appraising evidence effectively. Stand out from the competition and build a strong research profile with our tailored research internship program.


Problem Solving

Develop problem-solving abilities and navigate the complexities of research projects. Get support to sharp your analytical skills and get access to tools to scrutinize and interpret data. Get empowered to draw well-informed conclusions from the findings.


Research methodology/Scientific writing

Improve communication skills and convey the finding and insights in a clear and concise manner. Get support to write and potential to publish findings in the top high school or college journals.


What will you gain from the research internship?

Choose from two cohorts

  • Life Sciences Cohort: Dive into the fascinating realm of life sciences and biomedical research. From exploring genetics and molecular biology to studying ecosystems and environmental science.
  • Engineering Cohort: Embark on a journey of innovation and problem-solving in the field of engineering. Whether you’re passionate about robotics, sustainable design, or aerospace engineering, the Engineering Cohort offers hands-on projects that challenge students to apply engineering principles to real-world problems.

Practical coding skills

  • Embark on an exciting journey of coding proficiency.
  • Through personalized guidance and hands-on experiences, you’ll master a range of techniques for data analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Become well-versed in python and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving fields of data analysis and artificial intelligence.
  • Our mentors will guide you to turn your innovative ideas into reality. Get assistance to present your code on GitHub, a dedicated online platform for sharing and collaborating on coding projects.

Research 101

  • Delve deep into the basics exploring valid problems to solve and help humanity by review of scientific literature from eminent journals. 
  • Learn the art of conducting ethical research, from crafting research questions to selecting the right methodologies.
  • Learn to access, comprehend, and extract valuable insights from scientific journals.
  • Get the opportunity to contribute to the scientific community by publishing your findings, though publication is not guaranteed*.

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Essential Research Program

Program is full
  • 10 mentoring sessions
  • 2 Writing sessions
  • publication strategy sessions
  • End goal: An academic paper
  • Research duration - 6-8 weeks
  • Unlimited email support

Comprehensive Research Program

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  • 15 mentoring sessions
  • 5 scientific writing sessions
  • 5 publication strategy sessions
  • End goal: Publication in a high school journal*
  • Research duration - 6-8 weeks*
  • Unlimited email support

*While no academically rigorous program can guarantee publication, we offer dedicated support for up to three rounds of submissions to prestigious high-school or college-level journals. The time to get the final publication may vary from 4-16 weeks.

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Ashwini Devare
Ashwini Devare
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Garima did an amazing job helping my daughter through the college application process. Her essay construction process is amazing and makes sure that the student is putting their best foot forward on all essays. Even with short word requirement essays, she was able to help her put a grand amount of information within them. I am extremely thankful for her guidance through this process! She is a “Great “teacher, very friendly, definitely recommend her for students who are looking for help in their college applications.
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Garima was such a great help during my college essay process. She helped me transform my essays from vague and dull to specific and appealing. She was very thorough and was always available to help. I am so thankful to have had her guidance!
Kavita Suresh
Kavita Suresh
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Yes, I highly recommend online chalk program that they offer. Garima is well talented both in English and Math. My son took one on one SAT program with her and I saw a good improvement. She also guides the student for their profile building.
Pandiyan Kaliaperumal
Pandiyan Kaliaperumal
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Classes are so good; my daughter is taking SAT classes for the past 6 months; she is getting extraordinary attention and required clarifications; she is also receiving good guidance towards college preparations. I feel completely satisfied and got quite good trust with the tutors 👍👍

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